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Coming to America - Part 1 by Nick Ferris

This series of essays is all about how Nick first came to the US. He was working in London at the time for Euromoney, a fast growing B2B financial publisher and my career was doing well. He had been promoted more times than he could count in just a few years and had many a meeting with the then Chairman, Padraic Fallon who would sit behind his leather desk, feet sometimes placed on it, smoking a cigar and telling him ‘I’m going to make you a millionaire Ferris’. He liked to call people by their surname. He guessed that was a thing that chairmen did. Don’t forget to also check out Nick Ferris-Senior Media Executive on Medium

Euromoney bought a company called Institutional Investor in early 2000 and his then boss, Chris Brown, moved over to help the acquisition and run the newly combined Euromoney Institutional Investor. Nick and Chris had a great working relationship and he did not realize qute how close it was until his unfortunate passing a few years later when his wife told him how much he talked about Nick all the time. He’s still sorely missed to this day. For other articles please also see Nick Ferris official account on Pinterest.

Chris basically told Nick Ferris that he could do his job in the UK where he was living in London with his girlfriend at the time, or he could come to New York and do it from there. Nick Ferris was in his late 20s at the time and had always been a huge fan of America. He grew up watching Dallas, Taxi, Larry Sanders, Dynasty, Knots Landing, Fame, Mork and Mindy and basically a lot of American TV. He had also been very fortunate growing up that his parents took us to America at least half a dozen times on fly-drive holidays in Florida, New York and other places.

America was everything England wasn’t at the time. Fascinating, exciting, dangerous, big, hot and pretty much everything else a teenager rebels against and longs for. Hence his love affair with America grew from a very young age and once he was given the opportunity to work there, he figured what did he have to lose. he discussed with my girlfriend and she agreed to move to the US too.

So Nick Ferris made the arrangements were quickly made - he applied for a work visa, started packing up and was to go ahead and find an apartment by myself with my girlfriend joining him later.

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