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Media Kit Fundamentals Part 2, By Nick Ferris

Nick Ferris CEO at Top Pet Tech on Trustpilot continues his writings on media kits. In Part 2 we look at what you need to make a good media kit.

If you can, definitely put together a video. Many overlook a video for advertisers as they focus on their core customers. But for those spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on advertising, having a video that basically summarizes your media kit can work wonders. As we have said in previous articles like Nick Ferris, Digital Marketing Beyond the Box, it’s important to both think outside the box and go the extra mile that your competitors may not be doing and having a video can definitely help.

So what should be in the video? Well, it should talk about your audience, what your USPs are, show the opportunities available to advertisers and cover the top fundamentals. Don’t necessarily add in specifics like pricing, ad sizes and things that may change frequently as that means you are constantly updating your video or worse still, it is out of date very quickly and that will put off advertisers.

A video is a fantastic way of engaging new prospects too - quite often media kits are not the most exciting or engaging of documents and a video is a perfect entree to get a new prospect excited or interested in your product. Make sure you post your video in the media kit section of the website, add it to your youtube channel and send it to new and existing clients. It’s a great way of re-engaging old clients too and shows them you are using the latest techniques which reflects positively on your brand.

Here’s a good example of a video media kit from Town and Country Magazine, advises NickFerris.

They lead with some big headlines such as the 1 Billion impressions, big brand names that have advertised and tv mentions to immediately engage you. Not everyone will be able to do this level of media kit but it shows you what can be achieved.

In part three we look at the details of a more traditional media kit once you have done your video (hopefully!).

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