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Part 14 - Crowdfunding Tips and Tricks By Nick Ferris

In previous articles such as Nick Ferris - Marketing Tips, Phone Calls Aren't Dead Yet, Nick has described how old techniques in marketing often come full circle and become en vogue again. We continue that theme with our look at crowdfunding forums.

You can see many of Nick’s previous insights and videos on places like Nick Ferris on Dailymotion but today we are focused on crowdsourcing.

As well as Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn which we have already looked at, there are some more old fashion forums for you to post and use. Now some forums often look dated, are not user friendly`, require you to be accepted into them to join and are a huge pain to even post or navigate, but trust me it can be worth the hassle.

The Crowdfunding Forum located at is one of those sites. It has dedicated sections for tips and tricks and inspiration from other people who have raised money on crowdfunding. Plus it has areas you can post your own crowdfunder too. So definitely check it out, join and read the many posts. It contains invaluable information that could really tip the balance in your crowdfunder.

Another old fashion site is Kickstarter Forum which you can find at - Now this is not a place for you to post your campaign as such but it does contains insights and ideas and experiences from others than you can apply to your campaign. And despite the name, says Nick Ferris, this is not limited to Kickstarter campaigns. You’ll find discussions on all areas and platforms including equity crowdfunding.

Next in our series we look at a few other platforms you can use to market your fundraiser campaign.

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